Second Theme……

Today I made a new look for my website. It is the second changing since the fist look of this website was on March, 2011. The second theme I chose at this time is the Splendio Theme, which has a wider column, modern design with lines, clear fonts which are easy to read, and random cover photos. I have uploaded  three different photos from the photo page, and they will randomly appear in this website.

Splendio Theme

今天我把這個個人網站的版型換新的了。從2011年三月的第一個版型出現之後,這是第二次的更新,第二個版型是Splendio Theme。這個主題有比較寬的欄位,有設計感的線條,字型也清楚易讀,還有可以隨機更換的封面照片。我已經上載了從Photo頁面中挑選出來三張不同的封面照片,將會隨機出現在這個個人網站的首頁裡。

New Domain Name and Cave Railroad Recording

I finally got the new domain name of this website last Saturday (September 21). If you have bookmarked the old one, please update to a new one although it will automatically redirect from the old to the new. The new domain name is Thank you.

By the way, I also got a recording of my
Cave Railroad for solo alto saxophone from Po-Fang Chang yesterday, and I put the recording in this website today. Please click this link, Cave Railroad, for listening to this piece.

Domain Name



YouTube Video of Unbearable Pain and Watery Eyes

I received an email from Dr. James Ogburn, project manager of Thailand International Composition Festival 2012 (TICF) and also Chair of composition and theory at the Mahidol University College of Music, last Friday. He did lots of effort putting videos of every premiere piece in TICF on YouTube, including my piece. Thank James! By watching these videos it made me recall those days staying in Bangkok and in TICF. It was a wonderful experience to me. Although some problems occurred in rehearsing my piece, I still figured out the Thai musicians did their good job learning such a difficult piece in a very short time.

The video is a live premiere performance of my piece, Unbearable Pain and Watery Eyes for violin, percussion and piano, at the music auditorium (MACM Hall) of the Mahidol University on July 14, 2012. This piece is in memory of my beloved father. During the performance, I cannot help that my eyes became watery. After the performance, the musicians forgot to invite me to be on stage for showing I am the composer of this piece. But I really do not care for this. Somehow it seems that I saw my father bowing on the stage for me. I love my father forever!

For more information of this piece, please click this link: Unbearable Pain and Watery Eyes.

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Ballade Recording

Today I have received a DVD sent by Sayun and Yu-Hao’s mom. The DVD is the live performance of  Taiwanese Aboriginal Concert, which took place at Miaoli International Culture and Tourism Bureau Concert Hall (Taiwan) on July 8, 2012. Sayun asked me to compose a new piece for her and Yu-Hao to perform in this concert. Ballade (2012) for violin and percussion is the piece for this particular occasion. I regret that I was not available to attend the premiere performance because I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand for participating the Eighth Thailand International Composition Festival on that day. However, it is my pleasure to know that Sayun and Yu-Hao really did a great job for this piece by watching the DVD. I have posted the sound track of Ballade in this website, please click this link “Ballade” for listening the music and reading the performance notes.


Phantasy Recording

I have received a studio recording from Oboe Duo Agosto yesterday.  The recording is my piece Phantasy, which is a commissioned piece by them as well.  The studio recording was made in Arlington Heights, IL in December 2011.  As result, I upload this recording to the “Phantasy” page. Please click this link, “Phantasy,” to listen to this recording and program notes of this piece. Also, please visit the page of Oboe Duo Agosto, “New Sound Clip,” to read the further information of this recording. By the way, Phantasy will get its fifth performance at the Prosser Public Library (Bloomfield, CT) on February 10, 2012.

昨天我收到Oboe Duo Agosto寄來的錄音室錄音檔案,這個錄音是我為Oboe Duo Agosto寫的,也是他們委託我創作的曲子《幻想曲》。這個錄音室錄音是2011年12月在美國伊利諾州Arlington Heights錄製。我今天上傳了這個檔案在《幻想曲》的頁面,請點選這個連結《幻想曲》就可以聽到這個錄音,並可以閱讀這個曲子的樂曲解說。也可前往這個Oboe Duo Agosto網站的這個頁面 “New Sound Clip” 瞭解有關這個錄音的一些資訊。《幻想曲》將要迎向他第五次的演出,在2012年2月10日晚上7點,在Bloomfield, CT的Prosser Public Library。

Performances Page Update!

I have deleted the “Upcoming Performances” page, which is under the “Performances” page, few days ago. My plan is to combine the “Upcoming Performances” page into the “Performance” page, and add a new page. Today the new page I have added to this website is done, and it is the Chinese version of the “Performances” page. It took me very long time to translate the performance list into Chinese. Hope it helps for those who can read Chinese.

Please visit this new page by following link: “Performances_Chinese.”

前幾天我把 「Upcoming Performances」網頁(在「Performances」網頁底下)從這個網站中刪除了。我的計畫是把「Upcoming Performances」網頁跟原本的「Performances」網頁結合在一起,然後加入一個新的網頁。今天這個新的網頁已經完成並且上傳至這個網站,這是「Performances」網頁的中文版本,我叫這網頁「演出記錄」。把原本英文的「Performances」網頁翻成中文,花了我相當多時間,但是希望因為有這個網頁,能夠讓可以閱讀中文的朋友更知道我的演出活動。


Sylvanus Ensemble Recording

I used the Zoom H2 recorder to record the Sylvanus Ensemble concert on April 29, 2011. Today I have finished editing the tracks and put the recording of my latest piece, Path,  in my website. Please click the following link, “Path, to read the program notes and listen to the premiere recording.

我使用Zoom H2錄音機在4月29日韻林五重奏的音樂會上錄製那晚音樂會的現場。今天我完成音軌的編輯之後,就把我的最新曲子《道路》的錄音放到網站上來了。請點擊這個超連結,《道路》,就可以看到樂曲解說跟聆聽到當天晚上現場的首演錄音。

CONCORA Recording

Today I have got the CONCORA recording of premiering my choral piece, The Message of the Wind, and I have put this recording in my website. Please click the this link, “The Message of the Wind“, to read the program notes and listen to the live recording of this piece. Hope you enjoy!


Compositions Update

Someone suggests me that I need to put some Chinese translations in my website.  So I add a new page to put my work list of Chinese version under the “Compositions” page today, the same as the English version making links to the pages of program notes and recordings.


Bio Update

Today I put my Chinese long biography in the “About” page, and add a “Short Biography” page under the “About” page. New “Short Biography” page with English and Chinese version is published at the same time.

今天我把中文的個人簡介放到「關於我」(About)網頁,同時在「關於我」網頁之下,新增了一個「短簡介」(Short Biography)網頁。新的「短簡介」網頁同時發佈英文與中文的個人短簡介。