Sylvanus Ensemble Recording

I used the Zoom H2 recorder to record the Sylvanus Ensemble concert on April 29, 2011. Today I have finished editing the tracks and put the recording of my latest piece, Path,  in my website. Please click the following link, “Path, to read the program notes and listen to the premiere recording.

我使用Zoom H2錄音機在4月29日韻林五重奏的音樂會上錄製那晚音樂會的現場。今天我完成音軌的編輯之後,就把我的最新曲子《道路》的錄音放到網站上來了。請點擊這個超連結,《道路》,就可以看到樂曲解說跟聆聽到當天晚上現場的首演錄音。

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