Performances Page Update!

I have deleted the “Upcoming Performances” page, which is under the “Performances” page, few days ago. My plan is to combine the “Upcoming Performances” page into the “Performance” page, and add a new page. Today the new page I have added to this website is done, and it is the Chinese version of the “Performances” page. It took me very long time to translate the performance list into Chinese. Hope it helps for those who can read Chinese.

Please visit this new page by following link: “Performances_Chinese.”

前幾天我把 「Upcoming Performances」網頁(在「Performances」網頁底下)從這個網站中刪除了。我的計畫是把「Upcoming Performances」網頁跟原本的「Performances」網頁結合在一起,然後加入一個新的網頁。今天這個新的網頁已經完成並且上傳至這個網站,這是「Performances」網頁的中文版本,我叫這網頁「演出記錄」。把原本英文的「Performances」網頁翻成中文,花了我相當多時間,但是希望因為有這個網頁,能夠讓可以閱讀中文的朋友更知道我的演出活動。


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