YouTube Video of Unbearable Pain and Watery Eyes

I received an email from Dr. James Ogburn, project manager of Thailand International Composition Festival 2012 (TICF) and also Chair of composition and theory at the Mahidol University College of Music, last Friday. He did lots of effort putting videos of every premiere piece in TICF on YouTube, including my piece. Thank James! By watching these videos it made me recall those days staying in Bangkok and in TICF. It was a wonderful experience to me. Although some problems occurred in rehearsing my piece, I still figured out the Thai musicians did their good job learning such a difficult piece in a very short time.

The video is a live premiere performance of my piece, Unbearable Pain and Watery Eyes for violin, percussion and piano, at the music auditorium (MACM Hall) of the Mahidol University on July 14, 2012. This piece is in memory of my beloved father. During the performance, I cannot help that my eyes became watery. After the performance, the musicians forgot to invite me to be on stage for showing I am the composer of this piece. But I really do not care for this. Somehow it seems that I saw my father bowing on the stage for me. I love my father forever!

For more information of this piece, please click this link: Unbearable Pain and Watery Eyes.

上週五我收到第八屆泰國國際作曲音樂節的執行製作也是泰國瑪希隆大學的作曲系主任 Dr. James Ogburn的email,他真的花了很多時間把在泰國國際作曲音樂節發表曲子的現場影片全部放上YouTube,也包括了我的曲子,真的很謝謝他。再看了這些影片,讓我回想到那些在音樂節和在曼谷的日子,對我而言,這無疑是個很美好的經驗。雖然我的曲子遭遇了一些彩排時間的問題,不過我還是發現泰國的音樂家仍能在很短的時間裡把我的這首困難的曲子練起來,真的很厲害。

這個影片是我譜寫為小提琴、打擊跟鋼琴的《難以承受的痛楚與眼眶的淚》 的首演現場,2012年7月14日在泰國瑪希隆大學的音樂廳的演出。這個曲子是紀念我這輩子最愛的父親。我還記得在這個演出現場,我的眼淚不由自主的盈滿眼眶,演出結束後,音樂家忘記邀請我上台去謝幕,但是我完全不介意。我彷彿看到了我的父親已經站在舞台上幫我謝幕了。我永遠愛他。


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