A Poem of Mid-Autumn

A Poem of Mid-Autumn (2002)
for High Voice, Cello and Piano

World Premiere:
June 13, 2003
Feng-Hsu Lee MA Degree Recital
Recital Hall of National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
Hao-Fang Chuang, soprano; Ying-Ming Huang, cello; Min-Kuei Yang, piano

Duration: 16 minutes
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The Flight Log

The Flight Log (2006)
for High Voice and Piano

I.  Stars of Night
II. Bright Blue Sky
III. A Pair of Wings

World Premiere:
July 2, 2006
Feng-Hsu Lee Composition Presentation
Bach Recital Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
An-Ling Hsu, soprano; Feng-Hsu Lee, piano

Duration: 11 minutes
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