Second Theme……

Today I made a new look for my website. It is the second changing since the fist look of this website was on March, 2011. The second theme I chose at this time is the Splendio Theme, which has a wider column, modern design with lines, clear fonts which are easy to read, and random cover photos. I have uploaded  three different photos from the photo page, and they will randomly appear in this website.

Splendio Theme

今天我把這個個人網站的版型換新的了。從2011年三月的第一個版型出現之後,這是第二次的更新,第二個版型是Splendio Theme。這個主題有比較寬的欄位,有設計感的線條,字型也清楚易讀,還有可以隨機更換的封面照片。我已經上載了從Photo頁面中挑選出來三張不同的封面照片,將會隨機出現在這個個人網站的首頁裡。

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