Phantasy Recording

I have received a studio recording from Oboe Duo Agosto yesterday.  The recording is my piece Phantasy, which is a commissioned piece by them as well.  The studio recording was made in Arlington Heights, IL in December 2011.  As result, I upload this recording to the “Phantasy” page. Please click this link, “Phantasy,” to listen to this recording and program notes of this piece. Also, please visit the page of Oboe Duo Agosto, “New Sound Clip,” to read the further information of this recording. By the way, Phantasy will get its fifth performance at the Prosser Public Library (Bloomfield, CT) on February 10, 2012.

昨天我收到Oboe Duo Agosto寄來的錄音室錄音檔案,這個錄音是我為Oboe Duo Agosto寫的,也是他們委託我創作的曲子《幻想曲》。這個錄音室錄音是2011年12月在美國伊利諾州Arlington Heights錄製。我今天上傳了這個檔案在《幻想曲》的頁面,請點選這個連結《幻想曲》就可以聽到這個錄音,並可以閱讀這個曲子的樂曲解說。也可前往這個Oboe Duo Agosto網站的這個頁面 “New Sound Clip” 瞭解有關這個錄音的一些資訊。《幻想曲》將要迎向他第五次的演出,在2012年2月10日晚上7點,在Bloomfield, CT的Prosser Public Library。

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