CONCORA Recording

Today I have got the CONCORA recording of premiering my choral piece, The Message of the Wind, and I have put this recording in my website. Please click the this link, “The Message of the Wind“, to read the program notes and listen to the live recording of this piece. Hope you enjoy!


Compositions Update

Someone suggests me that I need to put some Chinese translations in my website.  So I add a new page to put my work list of Chinese version under the “Compositions” page today, the same as the English version making links to the pages of program notes and recordings.


Bio Update

Today I put my Chinese long biography in the “About” page, and add a “Short Biography” page under the “About” page. New “Short Biography” page with English and Chinese version is published at the same time.

今天我把中文的個人簡介放到「關於我」(About)網頁,同時在「關於我」網頁之下,新增了一個「短簡介」(Short Biography)網頁。新的「短簡介」網頁同時發佈英文與中文的個人短簡介。

Performances Page Done!

Today I have done to make the performance list of my pieces and put into this website. There are two pages, which are past performances and upcoming performances pages, and the upcoming performances page should click the extra tag that sticks on its mother page.


Official Website and Blog Open!

Today I decided to use WordPress to make a website and blog put my composition files and audios here. However, there are still lots of stuffs that I need to learn how to make it works. I will upload the recordings and program notes of my pieces in the blog and make a link to compositions page. Hope this website and blog can share my music to those who are interested in what I have composed.