Phantasy in Taiwan

I am very thrilled that after 12 performances in the United States and Thailand my Phantasy for oboe and English horn will get its 13th performance on June 7, and at this time it will be the first time to be performed in my home country, Taiwan. I use a Taiwanese aboriginal (Atayal) tune in this piece, and at this time it will be back to the familiar place, which this original tune is sang and heard.

Thank Oboe Duo Agosto for bringing this piece to their concert in Taiwan. The concert will be at 3pm on June 7, and the venue is Bratsche Arts Center in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Admission free!!! Oboe Duo Agosto will also give a masterclass before the concert at 1pm on the same day and in the same venue. Please come to the concert for the 13th performance of my Phantasy, and support the very wonderful Oboe Duo Agosto. Thank you very much!

Oboe Duo Agosto 1Oboe Duo Agosto 2


謝謝 Oboe Duo Agosto(雅格二重奏)帶著這個曲子到他們在台灣的音樂會。音樂會時間是6月7日星期天下午3點, 地點在台灣新竹市的巴雀藝術中心,Oboe Duo Agosto 在當天同一個地點下午1點也會舉辦大師班講座,都是免費入場。請撥冗來參與我的《幻想曲》的第13次演出,也請到場來支持 Oboe Duo Agosto,非常謝謝您!

Facebook Event Page: Oboe Duo Agosto in Taiwan

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