The Woven Sounds – New Year, New Music

Pianists Joyce Wan-Hsuan Wu and Peir-Shiuan Tang (The Woven Sounds) are going to perform my new piece again, Three Sketches for piano four hands, at 3pm on January 22, 2023 at Studio A Piano, Austin, TX, USA. January 22 is also the first day of 2023 in the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year. I am glad they are performing this piece for celebrating the new year. If you are in the Austin, TX area, please come to the concert for supporting The Woven Sounds. Happy New Year to everyone!

Ticket Information: The Woven Sounds – New Year, New Music

鋼琴家吳婉瑄和唐培軒(織音・知音)2023年1月22日下午三點,會在美國德州奧斯汀 Studio A Piano,再次演出我的新曲子,為鋼琴四手聯彈的《三首素描》。那天也是農曆大年初一,我很開心她們演出我這個作品來慶祝新年的到來,如果你在德州奧斯汀附近,請來參加音樂會支持織音・知音。也跟大家拜個年,祝大家新年快樂!


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