Three Sketches

Thee Sketches (2022)
for Piano Four Hands

I. Prelude
II. Lullaby
III. March

Commissioned by Joyce Wan-Hsuan Wu and Tzu-Feng Liu (The Woven Sounds)

World Premiere:
November 19, 2022
New Asian Music with The Woven Sounds and Friends
Recital Hall, Austin Community College Highland Campus, Austin, TX, USA
The Woven Sounds:
Joyce Wan-Hsuan Wu, Peir-Shiuan Tang, piano

Duration: 10 minutes

Program Notes

Three Sketches for piano four hands, commissioned by Joyce Wan-Hsuan Wu and Tzu-Feng Liu (The Woven Sounds), was composed in the early autumn of 2022, and it has three movements whose titles are “Prelude”, “Lullaby”, and “March.” The first movement, “Prelude,” begins with a bright major chord, and soon it is mixed into the minor-key notes. It is relatively peaceful since the chord and the notes create a pastoral atmosphere. Several simple but nostalgic melodies came into my mind when I composed the second movement, “Lullaby,” and I was trying to combine all of them in a contrapuntal texture with a steady gesture. The energetic final movement, “March,” is in an irregular meter (8/8 beat, 3+3+2), and somehow it transforms into a regular one (4/4 beat). Melodies of this march are mainly on the pentatonic black keys of piano, driving with increasing excitement toward the ending.

This piece is permeated with nostalgia, as I feel homesick, away from my home country, not being able to return to Taiwan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This piece is indeed portraying a picture indicated by the main title. However, each movement with the title, rather than being programmatic, not only depicts a scene but also is painted with a complex feeling while I am sorely missing Taiwan and my family and friends there.

P.S. Pianist Tzu-Feng Liu has passed away on October 20, 2022 due to the cerebral aneurysm. It cannot be believed such a wonderful pianist was lost suddenly. I decided to dedicate this piece to her. She will be missed and remembered.  

This YouTube video is the premiere performance.



P.S. 鋼琴家劉子丰在2022年10月20日傍晚因為腦動脈瘤過世。無法相信一個這麼優秀的鋼琴家就這樣突然離去的事實,因此我決定把這首曲子題獻給她,想念著她也紀念著她。

– Feng-Hsu Lee (Mid-Autumn Fesitval, September 10, 2022 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

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