Allison Balcetis Taiwan Tour Concerts

I am honored that Allison Balcetis, the saxophone professor of University of Alberta, will bring my The Voice of Children for solo baritone saxophone for her Taiwan tour concerts. These three concerts will feature the saxophone works, especially those are written by Taiwanese composers and inspired by the eastern music, in the artist exchange with the Taiwanese saxophonist Po-Yuan Ku. Except concerts, Allison Balcetis will also give two masterclasses in Taichung and Tainan. More information in details as followed:

Allison Balcetis – Taiwan Artistic Exchange with Po-Yuan Ku
7:30pm, May 26 – Concert at KHS ProShop in Taipei
2pm, May 28 – Masterclass at Music Department of National Tainan University (D205)
6:30pm, May 28 – Concert at Concert Hall of Tainan University of Technology (S502)
1pm, May 29 – Masterclass at Music Department of Tainan University of Technology (T104)
7:30pm, May 29 – Concert at Concert Hall of National Taichung University of Education

Feng-Hsu Lee: The Voice of Children
Chien-Nien Chen: Jasmine Flower
André Ribeiro: Linha de sombra
Christian Lauba: Adria
and two improvisations based on the Chinese traditional Nan-Yin and Nan-Guan music

All the concerts and masterclasses are admission free!!! If you are near the area and have free time, please come to the concerts for supporting Allison Balcetis, Po-Yuan Ku, and me. Thank you very much!

Allison Balcetis

我很榮幸加拿大亞伯達大學薩克斯風教授 Allison Balcetis 將會帶著我寫的為低音薩克斯風獨奏的《孩童的聲音》進行她的台灣巡迴音樂會。這三場巡迴音樂會主要是演出台灣作曲家的薩克斯風作品,以及其他有東方音樂元素的作品,同時也是跟台灣薩克斯風家古博元老師的音樂家交流的音樂會。除了音樂會之外,Allison Balcetis 也會在國立台中教育大學和台南應用科技大學進行兩場大師班。下面是詳細的音樂會與大師班資訊:

Allison Balcetis 與台灣的薩克斯風情緣
5月26日晚上7點30分:音樂會 – 台北功學社專門家中心
5月28日下午2點:大師班 –  國立台南大學音樂系 D205
5月28日晚上6點30分:音樂會 – 台南應用科技大學演藝廳 S502
5月29日下午1點:大師班 – 台南應用科技大學音樂系 T104
5月29日晚上7點30分:音樂會 – 國立台中教育大學音樂系音樂廳


三場音樂會是免費入場,兩場大師班也是自由入場。如果您在台北、台中或台南附近,請撥冗參與這些音樂會與大師班來支持我,還有 Allison Balcetis 和古博元老師。謝謝您!

Facebook Event: Allison Balcetis – Taiwan Artistic Exchange with Po-Yuan Ku

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