Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I will go to New York City tomorrow and attend a concert at 1pm on March 8. It is a composer’s voice concert featuring the program “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” performed by violinist Tzu-En Lee. “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” is a score call that composers should write a piece no longer than one minute for the particular theme, and Vox Novus, the organization holding this event, chooses fifteen composers’ pieces to combine as a set of the program. Tzu-En Lee requests a theme of Taiwanese folk songs for a one-minute solo violin piece. Luckily, my one-minute violin piece written specifically or this event, Rainy Night of Flowers, was selected to be included in the program, and will be premiered at Jan Hus Church in New York City, 1pm on March 8. Admission Free!

By the way, my Ballade for violin and percussion will be performed in Yu-Chun Kuo’s DMA percussion lecture recital at CCM, University of Cincinnanti, 8:30pm on March 24. I am looking forward to this two events of mine in March.

Composer's Voice Concert

明天我會出發前往紐約市並參與3月8日下午1點的音樂會。這是作曲之聲音樂會,包含著一組「15分鐘名人堂」的曲目,由小提琴家李子恩演出。15分鐘名人堂是一個徵曲活動,作曲家需要為了某個特定的主題譜寫一首不長於一分鐘的曲子,主辦這徵曲活動的單位 Vox Novus 會從中選出15位作曲家的作品組合成一套曲目。小提琴家李子恩在這次徵曲活動中要求作曲家使用台灣民謠主題,很幸運地我特別為這個活動譜寫的一分鐘小提琴獨奏曲《花雨夜》入選了,並會在3月8日下午一點於紐約市的 Jan Hus Church 首演。音樂會是免費入場的。


Facebook Page: Composer’s Voice concert March 8, 2015

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