Hualien (2015)
for Mixed Chorus

Award: The Merit Award in the Adult Mixed Chorus Category of Taiwan Choral Association Composition Competition (2015)

World Premiere:
December 6, 2015
Winners Concert of Taiwan Choral Association Composition Competition
Concert Hall of Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan
Li-Fen Chen conducts La Voix d’Azur
TCA Composition Competition Concert Poster

Duration: 5 minutes


“Hualien” from Island / Country (2014)
Poem by Chen Li
English translation by Yi-Yin Lee

Chase the wave, Widang; follow the wave to the sea.
Hayhohai! Run to the heavy, shinning deep ocean and Kuroshio.
In the backyard, Hohaiyan, race waves like black sheep and white sheep,
to and fro.
In the backyard stand the huge mountain and solid earth.
Yearn and search for what lies beyond.
Company by breathing, by laughing, and by waving.
Delightful waves return to the ocean crying for the delight.
The panorama of the sea forecasts a sunny day. Chase the wave.

*Note: Widang refers to friends in the Amis language.

Island Country Chen Li

This is the YouTube video of the premiere performance.

〈花蓮〉 陳黎


註: 阿美族語 Widang(朋友),有人音譯為「以浪」。

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