International Composers Symposium 2021

On October 9, 2021 (at 8pm UTC+8 via Zoom), I will have a talk on the topic “Motivations and Materials of Saxophone Compositions” at the International Composers Symposium 2021, held by University of Malaya, National Band Directors Association of Malaysia (NBDAM) and the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur. As one of the featured composers, I will present two of my saxophone pieces, Cave Railroad for solo alto saxophone and Dream Landscapes for saxophone quartet. If interested, please register by scanning the QR code on the individual poster or click this link ( Thank you!

馬來亞大學(University of Malaya)、馬來西亞管樂協會(National Band Directors Association of Malaysia – NBDAM)和吉隆坡日本基金會(The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur.)共同主辦的2021年國際作曲家研討會(International Composers Symposium 2021),10月9日晚上八點,在線上平台 Zoom,很榮幸有機會在這個研討會中演講「創作薩克斯風作品的動機和題材」。主要會談談我的兩個薩克斯風作品,為中音薩克斯風獨奏的《山隧鐵道》和為薩克斯風四重奏的《夢的景色》。如果有興趣想參加,請用手機掃描上面海報的 QR code 報名,或是透過這個連結(。謝謝!

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