Tides in February

My new piece, Tidal Movements for double bass quartet, will present twice this February. On both two Sundays (Feb. 17 and 24) and both at 5pm, tides will go to two different places. First, tides will go to Louisiana State University as programming in the Louisiana Bass Fest Concert. It is my pleasure that Eastman School of Music bass faculty James VanDemark and  LSU School of Music bass faculty Yung-Chiao Wei will perform this piece. Second, tides again will go to the Hartt School. After attending one rehearsal of this piece at Hartt, I am glad to know that the Hartt School bass faculty Robert Black, who gave me an opportunity to make this piece born into the world, will involve performing this piece in the Hartt Bass Band concert as well. I am so excited and looking forward to both of two concerts. For more information, please visit the “Performances” page.

FINAL UPDATE!!! The Hartt Bass Band concert will be at 8pm on March 10. It is on Sunday at Room F163 of the Hartt School. (March 6)

UPDATE!!! The Hartt Bass Band concert has been postponed due to that the Prof. Black has a serious accident recently. More information about this concert will be announced later. Hope Prof. Black can have a good rest and recover soon. (February 17)

我的新曲子,為低音大提琴四重奏的《潮汐運動》將要在二月被演出兩次。在兩個星期天(2月17日與24日)都在下午五點,潮汐將要到兩個不同的地方。第一個地方是路易斯安那州立大學音樂院,曲子會在路易斯安那低音提琴音樂節音樂會中被演出。我很高興伊斯曼音樂院低音提琴教授 James VanDemark 和路易斯安那州立大學音樂院低音提琴教授魏詠蕎都會聯手演出這首曲子。第二個地方是哈特音樂院,在出席這首曲子的彩排之後,我發現給我機會譜寫這首曲子的哈特音樂院低音提琴教授 Robert Black 也會在哈特音樂院低音提琴樂團音樂會中演出這個曲子。我很興奮而期待這兩場湧入不同地方的浪潮。請點閱「演出紀錄」頁面獲得更多音樂會的資訊。

FINAL UPDATE: 哈特音樂院低音提琴樂團音樂會已決定延期至3月10日星期日舉行,時間是晚上8點整,地點在哈特音樂院的Room F163。 (March 6)

UPDATE!!! 哈特音樂院低音提琴樂團音樂會因為 Robert Black 教授日前摔傷的緣故已經決定延遲舉行,音樂會舉行的詳細時間會再通知。希望 Robert Black 教授這陣子能有好的休息,早日康復。(February 17)

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