Ballade (2012)
for Vioin and Percussion

Instrumentation of Percussion:
Marimba (5-Oct), 4 Wood Blocks, 4 Bongos, Conga, Snare Drum, Tambourine, Bamboo Wind Chime, Glass Wind Chime, Kalimba

World Premiere:
July 8, 2012
Taiwanese Aboriginal Concert
Miaoli International Culture and Tourism Bureau Concert Hall, Miaoli, Taiwan
Yu-Hao Chang, violin; Sayun Chang, percussion

Duration: 10 minutes

Program Notes

Accepting percussionist Sayun Chang’s commission, I composed this single movement piece, Ballade for Violin and Percussion. As requested, this piece should be inspired by the tune of Taiwanese aboriginals to be performed in the Taiwanese aboriginal concert 2012.

This piece is based on the tune of Puyama tribe called Bulai Naniyam Kalalumyan (Beautiful Rice Grain). However, the quotations are the fragments of this tune, so a complete melody never appears and can be hardly recognized. This tune depicts that the tribal people celebrate the harvest festival and hope to convey the message of the harvest to their fellow people who fight at the frontline. In this piece, the violin serves as a narrator that carries different moods throughout the whole piece. The percussion here consists of many instruments to create multiple sounds. The snare drum implies a war, and the kalimba section, the very peaceful moment of this piece, indicates meditation. I titled this piece Ballade because the melody is just like storytelling. The musical form is mainly a ternary form (fast-slow-fast); in each tempo, however, lots of small sections are included to express different moods and to make this piece more complicated for the musical combination.

This is the world premiere recording.



– Feng-Hsu Lee (June 16, 2012 Yunlin, Taiwan)

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