Five Bagatelles in Kuala Lumpur

My Five Bagatelles for Piano and String Quartet will receive its third performance at 8pm on April 30, 2019. It will be performed in the gala night concert of University of Malaya First International Music Collegiate Workshop and Seminar cooperated with National Taiwan Normal University. The venue is Experimental Theatre, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Free Admission! Being alumni of NTNU and current music lecturer of UM, this cooperation might have certain meanings for me to witness my music growing. Five Bagatelles, one of my important pieces, is commissioned by Performance 20/20 of the Hartt School, and the winner piece of the Washington International Competition for Composition in 2012. Prior performances were at the Berkman Recital Hall of the Hartt School and the Terrace Theater of Kennedy Center. Thank the talent musicians from NTNU to work together with me for this piece. I am looking forward this piece travelling from the United States to getting its Malaysia premiere.
University of Malaya First International Music Collegiate Workshop and Seminar Poster
為鋼琴與絃樂四重奏的《五首小品集》在2019年4月30日晚上8點即將迎來他的第三次的演出,在和國立台灣師範大學一起合作的「馬來亞大學第一屆國際音樂學院研討會」的晚間音樂會,地點是馬來西亞吉隆坡馬來亞大學的實驗劇場。音樂會免費入場!身為台灣師大的校友跟馬大音樂系的老師,這樣合作對我而言也是具有見證我音樂成長的意義。《五首小品集》也是一首對我而言有著代表意義的重要作品,曲子是美國哈特音樂院 Performance 20/20 的委託創作,也是2012年美國華盛頓國際作曲比賽的首獎作品。之前的演出地點包括有美國哈特音樂院 Berkman Recital Hall 和美國華盛頓特區甘迺迪中心的 Terrace Theater。謝謝來自台灣師大的音樂家們願意一起合作演出這個作品,我很期待這個作品從美國遠渡重洋而來的馬來西亞首演現場。

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