Our Poets Our Songs Concert

It is my pleasure to accept the commission from Association of Vocal Artists, R.O.C. I have composed five Chinese art songs for this commission. There are Aria for high voice and piano, Drunken Moon Lake for high voice and piano, Taiwan Sugar Museum, Qiaotou for medium voice and piano, Nuannuan for medium voice and piano, and Start of Spring for high voice and piano. The poems of the first four songs are from the poet Chen Li’s Island/ Country, and the poem of the last song is from the poet Xiang Yang’s Seasons. I would like to thank Mr. Chen Li and Mr. Xiang Yang for their kindly allowing me to compose these songs based on their poems.

These five songs will be received their premiere performance at 7:30pm on November 21 at the National Recital Hall in Taipei, Taiwan in “Our Poets Our Songs” Concert. It is also my pleasure to work with my fantastic singers, Fang-Yu Lin, Ya-Ping Hsu, Ting-Yu Fang, and pianist Yen-I Lee. I will be back to Taiwan for attending this concert as well from November 19 to 24. If you have time, please come the concert for supporting me and Association of Vocal Artists, R.O.C. Thank you very much!

Ticket Information: 你的歌我來唱系列 9~我們的詩人,我們的歌

Our Poets Our Songs Concert 2019 Poster


11月21日晚上7點30分,在台北國家演奏廳,這五首中文歌曲也將迎來他們的首演現場,在「你的歌我來唱系列 9~我們的詩人,我們的歌」的音樂會中演出。我也很榮幸能夠和聲樂家,女高音林芳瑜,次女高音范婷玉,女高音許雅萍,還有鋼琴家李燕宜,一起合作演出這五首歌曲。11月19日到24日期間,我也會短暫返台參與音樂會的演出。如果您有空的話,請來參加這場音樂會,支持我跟聲樂家協會。票券資訊如下,謝謝您!

兩廳院售票系統:你的歌我來唱系列 9~我們的詩人,我們的歌

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