Percussive Arts Society International Convention

Percussionist Gene Koshinski will perform my arrangement piece, Miss Malan for solo marimba, at the Ballroom D of Austin Convention Center (Austin, TX) in the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) 2012 on November 2, 2012 (3:00pm). Also, the score of Miss Malan for solo marimba has been published by Bachovich Music Publications.

If you are planning to attend PASIC 2012, please go to the concert of keyboard new literature. Thank Gene and Andrew Beall, who is the President of Bachovich Music Publications, to make the publication of Miss Malan possible. To purchase the score of Miss Malan online, please click this link, “Bachovich Music Publications – Solo Marimba,” and scroll the page down. The score of Miss Malan is numbered in #0898.

打擊家 Gene Koshinski 將會在11月2日下午3點在美國德州奧斯汀會議中心的2012年國際打擊樂藝術協會年會中演出我的獨奏木琴改編作品《馬蘭姑娘》。 另外,《馬蘭姑娘》的樂譜也已經由 Bachovich Music Publications 於10月中出版了。

如果你計畫去參加2012年的國際打擊樂藝術協會年會,請去聆聽新鍵盤曲目音樂會。也謝謝 Gene 跟 Bachovich Music Publications的總經理 Andrew Beall,讓《馬蘭姑娘》的樂譜有機會可以出版。如果想要線上購買《馬蘭姑娘》的樂譜,請點選這個連結「Bachovich Music Publications – Solo Marimba」,然後往下滾動網頁。《馬蘭姑娘》的樂譜編號是#0898。

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